Raz Fresco "Magneto Was Right Issue #6" Digital Album

Raz Fresco "Magneto Was Right Issue #6" Digital Album

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1. Back To Asia Ft. Lord Fury

2. Living Legend Ft Born King

3. Magnetic Godz Ft. BriskInTheHouse, The 6th Letter, and Manolo Rose

4. Knowledge Degree Ft. Estee Nack

5. Seeing Through Clouds

6. Carbon Energy Ft. Lord Fury

7. Diamond District Ft. Rome Streetz

8. The Essence Ft The 6th Letter

9. World Of 6 Ft. Asun Eastwood, Falcon Outlaw, and Jason Packs

10. Fiends Getting Slapped Up Ft. Lord Fury

11. Rain Hail Snow and Earthquakes Ft. Daniel Son

12. Gone In 60 Seconds Ft. Saipher Soze

13. Babylon Fi Bun Ft. Lord Fury

14. Work Of Art

15. Hang Gliding In The Rainforest Ft. CEO No Face

16. Allahs Kitchen REMIX Ft. The 6th Letter & BriskInTheHouse

17. Belly Of The Beast Ft. Lord Fury