Raz Fresco & ALS "ALKMY" | Signed Vinyl
Raz Fresco & ALS "ALKMY" | Signed Vinyl
Raz Fresco & ALS "ALKMY" | Signed Vinyl
Raz Fresco & ALS "ALKMY" | Signed Vinyl

Raz Fresco & ALS "ALKMY" | Signed Vinyl

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Signed Vinyl. Ships worldwide.

Through his music and visuals, Raz Fresco has a propensity for grabbing you by the hand and dragging you through a portal into his world that he has created as a sacred and fine-tuned home for himself. With the help of Baker’s Club ally ALS, who provides the beautiful and sample-heavy foundation of beats, Raz Fresco builds a world that is solely for him and his sidekicks, with us as the audience peeking into it. ALKMY is biographical but doesn’t exude too much detail, instead focusing more on the here and now for Raz. It’s an hour long update on where he’s at and how he got here, for now ‘til next time, while still remaining vivid and transparent, so that we as the audience know there is a sincere artist at work, staying busy and crafting greatness while we watch and admire from afar.

Both variants are pressed on 140-gram vinyl, housed in a 24pt gatefold jacket with art from Kaiser Sosa and J. Martinez. The center labels and obi strip were designed by J. Park. Entirely produced by ALS. Mixed and mastered by Raz Fresco, and remastered for wax by Tyler Bisson of Audio Geography Studios.



1. Stolen Artifacts
2. Kirby Crackle
3. Lois Lane
4. Baby On The Way
5. Windows Of Your Soul
6. Fredo Had To Die
7. Transformers
8. Black Is Infinity
9. Ghost Town
10. Traffic
11. Butter Leather Lo'
12. Science of Life
13. Yo Momma
14. Polo Store (ft. The 6th Letter)
15. Take It Slow (ft. The 6th Letter)
16. Thing Is
17. Back In The Days
18. Dirty Bitch
19. Walk Alone (ft. The 6th Letter)
20. Powerful Universe
21. The World Is Turning
22. Lullaby 4 The Babies