MWR Issue #1 Art Print
MWR Issue #1 Art Print
MWR Issue #1 Art Print
MWR Issue #1 Art Print
MWR Issue #1 Art Print

MWR Issue #1 Art Print

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Limited Premium Art Prints w/ Lustre Finish

- 17” x 17”
- only 25 prints available worldwide
- numbered & signed
- comes with @bkrsclb stickers


About the art:

The digital collage for Issue One was inspired by the X-Men comics and how Magneto's ideology parallels Malcolm X and other so called black nationalist who sought freedom justice and equality for original people in the wilderness of North America and all over the planet Earth. Malcolm X in the Magneto helmet illustrates the similarities between the two. Behind Malcolm is a photo of Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican national hero who also came to America to strive for upliftment of black people via knowledge of self. The ideas of great men like him should always be in the back of our heads which is why I put him behind Malcolm. The illustration of Trump in the top left corner is suppose to represent the opposing force or "true villain" in THIS series. Trump is a symbol of the white supremacist power structure so I wanted to clearly outline what we need to be on mentally (magneto x) where we need to look for guidance (ancestors like Marcus Garvey) and the enemy that we must fight against (the system Trump represents). The whole series is meant to be as entertaining as it educational. Art is suppose to either convey a message or feeling to the person experiencing it. Great art does both. That was my intention with this piece. 


More about the print:

Luster finish sits in the middle between the shininess of glossy paper and the dullness of matte paper. The glare is much less noticeable than with glossy paper. Also, when compared to matte finish, photos on Luster paper have better color saturation and detail. Luster paper is commonly used by professional photographers for wedding, portrait and school photos.