MWR Issue #2 Art Print
MWR Issue #2 Art Print
MWR Issue #2 Art Print
MWR Issue #2 Art Print
MWR Issue #2 Art Print

MWR Issue #2 Art Print

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Limited Premium Art Prints w/ Lustre Finish

- 17” x 17”
- only 25 prints available worldwide
- numbered & signed
- comes with @bkrsclb stickers


More About Art:

When creating this project I developed some new techniques to utilize for my production and the process of doing so was like non other. I started to record myself live playing on my MPD and rapping over me playing the samples instead of perfecting some of the beats I learned to work around the imperfections and use them as a kind of texture. This project represented me going with the flow and trusting my creative intuition. Utilizing more transitions within records and different sounds. Therefore when it got time to create a cover I was playing around on photoshop and when I adjusted a hue for one of my layers I noticed it had this wave like effect over the colours in the whole image. I decided at that moment that the changing of the colours was a way to represent all the different transitions vibes and sounds and most importantly it reflects the way the tape was made. The cover of Issue 2 is really a video or series of images. When complete, I listened to the full project and just stared at the video below on loop watching the colours change as the sounds changed.

More about the print:

Luster finish sits in the middle between the shininess of glossy paper and the dullness of matte paper. The glare is much less noticeable than with glossy paper. Also, when compared to matte finish, photos on Luster paper have better color saturation and detail. Luster paper is commonly used by professional photographers for wedding, portrait and school photos.